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Purins, Ansis – Zombre Vs. Slappy: Megathunder Showdown


Zombre Vs. Slappy: Megathunder Showdown

Well, it’s always good to have a great title to get things rolling, and that certainly fits the bill. I also couldn’t tell you which character was Zombre and which was Slappy, as this is mostly a wordless story, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the skinless, bloody mess is Slappy, just because of his general sense of whimsy. Hey, I have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Zombre seems like a somber sort of guy, just wandering around and not wanting to hurt anybody, while Slappy wants to cause as much mayhem as possible. They quickly become friends, as they don’t really have anybody else who would want to be friends with them, but their differences quickly become apparent and the inevitable battle ensues. It’s a remarkably short battle, considering the title and all. I loved just about every bit of this, frankly, although I do have a soft spot for zombies. My only minor aesthetic problem is that the pages are a bit too dark a shade of gray, but that’s what they call a “minor quibble”. It’s $2 ($3 with shipping), send the man an e-mail why don’t you?