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Here's Tom's adaptation of excerpts from Rod McKuen poems, which of course means I didn't like it... what's that? I enjoyed it immensely? A mini comic with nothing but excerpts from poems? How about that. Frankly, it reads like parts of one big poem, although I'll take Tom's word for it that it's excerpts from different poems. It starts with a poem dedicated to Bernadette Peters (kids, use the Google, or just rent The Jerk, which would also give you a chance to see Steve Martin when he was actually funny), and the whole thing seems like it could be about her. Humble, self-effacing, and utterly readable, if there were more poets like this maybe I'd have more of an appreciation of poetry. Tom has a series of relatively minimalistic images, which is fine as the star of the show here is the poetry anyway. Well worth a look, and I'm still mildly surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did.


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