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If you thought the discussion about autobiography from ATOD #6 was definitive, well, Ryan did not agree. This issue is the start of a new story arc (is it a story arc if it's autobiography? I didn't think so) in which Ryan has a lengthy conversation with a university professor who has his own ideas on autobiography and its nature. It is, at the very least, going to be continued in the next issue, so if you miss Ryan drawing big mutant fight scenes (which only happened in your own head, you weirdo), you might want to take a break until #9. Ryan does manage to make the subject fascinating, even though it's entirely possible that they're never going to come up with a definitive conclusion on a subjective thing like this. My main complaint with this issue is that he could have chucked the 3-5 pages of small talk, but then you have a completely dry story with very little evidence of humans being involved, so I probably would have complained either way. He's also stepped up his art a notch or two. It was a never a problem to begin with, but there's an impressive amount of detail once the story moves outside to a lunch conversation. So what do they talk about exactly? The background of the professor, whether or not autobiography (or even history) is more truthful than fiction, the benefits of autobiography that manages to help people while not being completely truthful (he uses that "recovering drug addict" from Oprah to make a good point), and the difference between objective and emotional honesty. I loved it, but then again I'm immersed in comics on a regular basis, so your mileage may vary. If you prefer his funnier stuff there are plenty of options on this page, if you like a good intellectual discussion there's plenty to love here.


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