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What’s left to be said to convince people that Carl is the awesome? This issue is the start of “Carl’s biggest story to date”, which could mean just about anything, as this issue alone is already Carl’s biggest story to date. I’m hoping that it means an eventual Carl graphic novel, but I’m hopelessly optimistic about things like that. If you’re a big fan of the one panel delights of the first volume of Carl's, you may be briefly sad, at least until you read the first page of the book (the one I sampled down there). It tells the origin of Carl, and the rest of the book deals with his formative years starting his own band and helping out his best friend with his hip-hop project. Eventually they use some of their new money to open Carl + Bill’$ Awesome! Cool! Kidz Home!!, definitely the best name for an orphanage I’ve ever heard. This causes some other problems, which leads Carl to run for mayor… and how much longer should I go on before there are no surprises left? Look, by now you know the drill with Carl. Either you’re one of the people who laugh out loud several times by reading these, or you’re filled with bitterness and can’t smile at anything. I sympathize, but that just leaves more funny for the rest of us.


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