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Words fail me. Seriously, I usually try to take a comic, break it down without giving too much away (because why should I ruin it for anybody else), and let people make up their own minds, but this needs to be seen to be believed. Unless you’re easily offended, or nauseated, then you should probably avoid this at all costs. It’s the story, I guess, of Chloe, a disaffected teenager who finds a mysterious dwarf in the forest while looking for her lost dog. Said dwarf is a follower of the Underbrain, something that is only vaguely defined for most of the story, until it comes into crystal detail later. Somewhere in all this there’s also the normalcy of the high school, her father and various other people who try to help her (or at least communicate with her), but the heart of the story is the cabin in the woods, the dwarf, his cats and all the horrible things he’s growing outside and inside. Reading this was a bit like watching insects crawling around inside of a dead thing for about 20 minutes, but in a good way, or at least in a “I can’t look away” kind of way. If you’ve ever wondered about the potential of the medium and what it can be capable of when somebody lets every dark corner of their brain shine for all the world to see, this is as close as it gets to required reading.


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