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I’m honestly not sure if it’s fair to review this now. Today is 3/5/09, six years after GW Bush started one of the dumber wars in history, and this comic has a fair amount of strips that are from that early time period. Making fun of GW was still considered a mildly subversive thing to do (instead of something every sane person did) and it was easy to rail at the inaction of the completely indifferent population. So let’s just leave it, huh? The strips are between funny and mildly amusing, but they’re of more use as a time capsule at this point. That still leaves a fair amount of comic that isn’t quite as political to go over, so how about it? The first strip (for students of comic making only) deals with a character and his dog challenging the boundaries of the panel and failing miserably. Next up is a brief strip about a man who makes a comic to try to help starving people, but nobody reads comics. A couple of shorties follow (and I’ll leave them as a surprise so I don’t ruin absolutely everything), then a strip about a man, at the end of his rope, walking off into the distance. Very slowly. No, it didn’t do much for me. All told there’s more than enough funny stuff in here to warrant $1, and if you prefer your GW bashing a little quaint then you’re not going to want to miss this.


Price: $1.00

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