Flame-Broiled #1 by Matt Herzfeld & Nick Mercer

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I’ve mentioned before that some autobiographical stories are better left untold. The first half of this book, about the author buying comics as a kid and his problem when he forgot to use a coupon that would have given him $5 back on his purchase, is a prime example. It’s slightly entertaining, that’s about it. The drawing is kind of messy too, with some things not shaded and the guy with a beard barely looking human at all. Not a bad story, just nothing that anybody really needed to see. Obviously this is a judgment call on my part, so feel free to ignore me. The second part, about a boy with no head, was better. Still kind of dopey, but the art was crisper and it was an interesting story. If you see it around, eh, I could take it or leave it, but it’s far from terrible.


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