Flame-Broiled #2 by Matt Herzfeld & Nick Mercer

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See, this is why it’s always better to read more than one issue of a series. This one is a whole bunch better than the first one. The first story is about a typical day for Matt (I’m guessing because he’s the writer). Kind of dull at first, but he eventually gets locked out of his parents house and his reactions are just so honest and heartfelt that it’s impossible to do anything but like it. The next story is about a conversation with someone at a garage sale about adult trading cards. Where they might have come from, what they might have been used for (they were pretty tame), that sort of thing. Interesting stuff. The last story is about how Matt and Nick met, which is kind of self-indulgent but still kind of funny. I got the impression that they knew how silly it was to put the story of them meeting in their comic. All in all I’d say that this was a definite improvement over the first one, a good sign indeed.


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