Flame-Broiled #3 by Matt Herzfeld & Nick Mercer

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Imagine my surprise, upon finding Matt at SPACE, to see that he had 6 new comics out. 6! Sure, you could argue that a lot of the art is simplistic so it shouldn’t take that long to put an issue together, but I’m still impressed. He also said that he thinks things get a lot better by #8, so I’ll review one a week until I find out. Anyway, this one is about Matt eventually meeting Harvey Pekar. I say “eventually” because Harvey isn’t in this issue even a little bit. Instead, Matt discovers American Splendor, talks to Joyce Brabner (Harvey’s wife) on the phone, and talks about his phone phobia, which is strange, because I have the exact same thing. Not a paralyzing fear or anything… ah, read it to see what I mean. I’m still not blown away by the art, but the writing is fantastic and the art is more than good enough to serve the simple stories that are happening so far. If he decides to write about, say, all the different types of sea life in exact detail, he might be in trouble. Until then, these two are doing just fine.


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