Flame-Broiled #5 by Matt Herzfeld & Nick Mercer

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Finally, the last issue of the Harvey Pekar saga! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else these two can do. In this one they finally meet Harvey, but spend most of the time feeling guilty for bothering the poor guy. He was sick and miserable and all they were doing was pestering Harvey about comics. There was a lot of great stuff in here with Matt documenting all of this self-doubts and trying to figure out just what he was doing there. The best issue of the “trilogy”, and it even helps explore Matt’s personality so you have more of a clue for future issues. I think you should get all three of these and see what these two are capable of. Contact info is up there, $1! By the way, I’ll throw in one tiny complaint, just so this isn’t all praise: work on the lettering. It’s neat enough, sure, but sometimes it’s dark enough to read and sometimes it’s tough. A minor, minor thing, like I said, but why screw up the easy stuff?


Price: $2.00

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