Flame-Broiled #8 by Matt Herzfeld & Nick Mercer

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Here’s the end of the horror series, and it’s the end of my pile o’ Flame-Broiled comics, expect for the 3-D issue, so get to work on a new story! Matt watches the ultimate horror movie in this one and gets taken away for his “perversions”. Another good issue, although I’m pretty sure now that this movie he’s talking about isn’t real, which is a damned shame, at least judging by his description. I’ve said so many nice things about this series, here’s something critical: that back page is almost illegible. Seriously, if I didn’t already know their website and e-mail address, I’d have no idea what the back said. This whole three issue story is great if you ever liked horror movies, as it really goes through the societal stereotypes along with why exactly people like gory movies so much.


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