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Molly does the impossible here: she makes me care about baseball players from around the turn of the century who are, in most cases, long dead. Who knew that Ty Cobb was a nutcase who quite possibly killed a guy? Some of the other stories have been scattered around her other comics, but they’re all in one volume here for people who are interested. There’s the story of the last day of the Washington Senators (in 1971), Big Ed Delahanty’s mysterious death, how the “best” double play combo in history got into the Hall of Fame, and how a respected manager was ruined after catching a grapefruit dropped from a plane. If you’re curious about that last one, well, lucky you, as that’s the sampled page. It leaves out the fact that this manager was trying to beat a player who had caught a ball that was dropped out of the Washington Monument, as apparently balls falling a long distance was a big thing back then. I think this is fascinating stuff even for people who don’t care about baseball, although I have my doubts that anybody who hates the sport is going to pick up something called “Great Moments in Baseball”. Then again, what do I know?


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