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I’ve found that it’s just about impossible to scan only one page of one of John’s stories and have it make any sense. So I tried to scan two pages in a row, and… well, you tell me if it helped. This one is a collection of shorter pieces that I hadn’t seen before. There’s one about Dancing, one about Epictetus, Amateur comics and some stories about jazz and asthma. Mostly those stories really aren’t about any of those things, but you mostly have to figure these things out for yourself. Go back and read any of my other reviews to see what I think of the guy. Sorry to be so predictable, but what do you want from me? When he puts out a book that doesn’t make me think, doesn’t include at least three things that I’ve never seen before (this one has a great quote, someone grabbing a lightning bolt and the best depiction of a small child I’ve ever seen), and looks in any way rushed, I’ll be all over it, but in a negative way. Until then, be happy that there’s someone out there who’s putting out such consistently thought-provoking work.


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