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Just to make this clear to readers in the future: I'm reviewing this in late 2009. It was made in 2003 and I believe it was edited solely by Karl, although that's hard to tell. I'm spelling this all out because, as a monthly regional magazine/anthology, there are going to be pieces in here that are damned near irrelevant 6 years later. For example, the center of this book is made up of an interview with Nathan Neal about his film "The Naked Eye Will Be Shot". Good luck finding anything about that now, although it does sound interesting. Luckily comics are timeless (mostly), and there are some great ones in here. Nate Neal gets things started with a simpleton just barely taking the easy way out instead of facing nuclear war, and is this the Nathan Neal from before? He wouldn't list his comics under Nate in here and then do the interview under Nathan, would he? That seems needlessly pretentious, if true. K.Throoper (whose art sure looks like Karl's) is up next with a brilliant piece about drive-by religious services , and the baptism is about what you'd expect. Lydia Gregg is up next with the highlight of the issue, a story of pussy versus pussy. A man takes a woman home for the night, and she remarks on how cute his cat is before it attacks her. The rest of the night involves an escalating series of attacks from the cat, culminating in something that made me laugh out loud. As the proud owner of a cat who is also an asshole, this piece really made my day. Karl is up next with a mildly baffling piece about love and abduction, which is followed by Lydia's sampled piece about how we're just a pit-stop between product and feces. Lydia then put together a funny fake horoscope (and yes, it is important to note that it's funny, because many of the fake ones are not) along with a short piece on the dangers of talking on your cell phone while on the treadmill. Finally there's an utterly baffling piece by Karl involving a stopped bus and a hitchhiker, and it's all capped off with a funny Halloween piece by Nate. There are also a couple of mildly paranoid rants by Ben Carrico , in case the comics weren't enough for you. For some reason I never reviewed any of these books, but I plan on correcting that in the weeks to come. This one is worth it for the cat story alone. .


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