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Humiliation! Now there’s a fun theme for a comic. First up is the delightful strip I sampled below, about how to deal with getting dumped by a guy. Not sure if it would work if the genders were reversed but ladies, this is perfect advice if you want to torment the dumper. Next up are a couple of stories about baseball players who are remembered, even after long, mostly successful careers, for one big play they botched. These stories are from 1908 and 1912 respectively, as Molly seems to have a fascination with this era. Fine by me, it’s something I’ve been curious about for years but never bothered to go back and research. The best of the bunch is next, a story about humiliation at grade school. Molly was something of a teacher’s pet back then, but decided to spice things up a bit by following the lead of a fictional idol of hers and puts on a pair of homemade rabbit ears for a few days. This, oddly, goes mostly unnoticed by the class… until her mom decides to come in wearing the same ears. I believe “scarred for life” fits here. Finally there’s the story of a Molly deciding to train for a marathon with a friend, who lives miles away. They were supposed to both be training at the same time, except for the minor fact that, months later, the long distance friend still hadn’t begun running, while Molly was hobbling herself on a constant basis trying to get in shape for a marathon. Great stuff all around here, it’s hard to get more quality material for a buck than you’ll find here.


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