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This time around Kelvin and Celsius take things to another level when they plug in their non-believer brother, Fahrenheit, to a virtual reality religious converter. Oh, you should really look at the other reviews before starting in cold with this one, it won't make a bit of sense. The bits inside the brain of Fahrenheit are priceless, and let me run down the cast of characters that try to convert him: a fireman, robot, talking bear, missionaries, cats, and Jesus. And of course, maybe my favorite background character ever, a smiling cross with three little smiling nails resting on its arm. Sheer genius. The rest of the comic deals with Fahrenheit's partner showing up late for work again (although he at least manages to save the day) and Fahrenheit killing Jesus 88 times in an effort to get out of his virtual world. I've been liking these a bit more each issue, and this one continued that trend by being my favorite of the bunch. $3.95, maybe some day soon there'll be a nice graphic novel for all of these issues, but for now it's worth it get it piece by piece.


Price: $3.95

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