Paping #10 edited by John Mejias

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I wish this scanner did this series justice. The flowers, title and the drawing that all look kind of purplish are really a vibrant silver color. This one is another anthology and it’s all about these cartoonist’s relationships with their fathers. Lots of good stuff in here with a wide variety of styles. Zak Smith shows the difference between a romantic description of his father and a real description, John tells a story about teaching and learning why students are the way they are, Drew Gold recounts how his Dad took out credit cards in his name and rang up some serious debt, Shawn Cheng has a wordless story about family life, Peter Maddalena has a horrible story about some kittens, Meredith Gaydosh talks about depression and a wonderful summer, and Andy Bodor talks about him not being an arsonist. OK, so it’s not all about fathers, but that seems to be the general theme. It’s $4, it has a gorgeous cover and some good stuff in the middle.


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