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I seem to be talking about a lot of 24 hour comics these days. No master plan there, that’s just where they happened to end up in my chaotic “reviewing pile”. Also, before I get started, let me just commend Ryan on his production values. It might seem like a minor thing, but I see so many comics that have some basic, fundamental problem with the design or the copying that it’s great to see his stuff always look fantastic. The comic here is a wordless tale about Ryan on a trip to the Grand Canyon (I don’t know if that should be capitalized based on the English language rules, but for sheer grandeur I’m sticking with it) and his thoughts on some old relatives. It’s an interesting book, if maybe a bit stretched out, but hey, it was a 24 hour book and he was running the event and trying to put a comic together. I’m a bigger fan of his diary strips, but you could also do a lot worse than this.


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