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Warning to readers who hate baseball: one page of this comic deals with baseball at all, and that’s the hilarious story of the last game of the Washington Senator’s in 1971, something that I had somehow missed. So if you saw this somewhere and skipped out because you thought it would be a baseball comic, boy were you stupid. Most of the rest of the comic is the story of Jeff, a man who wormed his way into becoming the personal assistant to a wildly successful writer who does shlocky fantasy books. It’s a great story about a guy who finally gets to work for one of his idols and finds out that the reality of his hero isn’t quite as wonderful as he’d imagined. He also deals briefly with his hilariously stereotypical friends, a liberal blogger, underground comix artist and a screenwriter. Intriguing stuff, continued in the next issue, and it even leaves on a bit of a cliffhanger. She ends the issue with a short story about a robbery she’d witnessed, without doing much of anything about it. Great first issue (although she’s done more comics if you’re curious and would like to e-mail her), well worth a look.


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