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Here it is! The perfect chance for you to see a whole bunch of Grant Reynolds all in one bundle. In case you thought the other minis were too small, that is. If you thought they were too expensive at a buck, well, there’s probably something wrong with you. Anyway, lots to get to here. There’s the circle on life (if your circle involves a rabbit, a wolf and a gun), a poem about monotony and despair, a couple of shorties about returning to the womb, one about missing children and a failure to hold onto important things, and a couple of pieces that appeared in Animal Wrangler, up yonder. That sentence contained more nonsensical interpretation of the meaning of stories then I usually write in a week, which is exactly why I don’t usually write that way. Overall, this book made me want to pull the covers up over my head and just think for a while. Not altogether in a good way, but in this world, who can argue with something that inspires thought?


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