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If you think you can take one look at that cover and tell what the book is going to be about, you’re probably wrong. Here, try it out. Take a look at the cover. Think about the inside. What are you picturing? It’s about a young woman who watches a soap opera, that much is true. Her life has changed considerably in recent years because all of her friends have left to go to school and she’s still stuck in the same old town. One of her only sources of comfort is her soap opera, with its constant themes and cliches. Still, there’s one character that lights up the screen for her, making everyone else on the show look even worse in comparison. Megan, the main character, despairs when she sees her favorite character about to be reduced to a bit player, and the rest of the book is about this and Megan trying to fit in with the new friends of her childhood friend. If this is her first book it’s phenomenal, if it’s not it’s still a really great book (but it would make more sense if she’d already done a few comics to explain this one). The art is great and there’s a constant sense of Megan drifting away and trying to find something solid to cling to.


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