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Oh yeah, comics can be funny. Way too many minis seem to take everything seriously (sometimes for good reason, sometimes out of a bit of the old pretentiousness), so three cheers for anything that wants to make people laugh a little bit. This one isn’t all gags; far from it. It’s the story of a cast of characters, all 20-somethings: an “aspiring” writer, his female friend, her slutty roommate, a token indie rocker guy and an asshole friend. Oh, and the title of the ongoing story throughout is “Today is the day I wish they would hold a parade in my name”, which is a thing of beauty all by itself. The female lead, Frieda, takes great joy in smacking somebody back to reality when there’s any danger of things getting heavy or profound, which just makes me smile after reading so many comics that really and truly want to tell me something. It’s nice to read something occasionally that just is what it is. Oh, and the writing and art are both terrific, which makes exactly zero things I have a problem with here.


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