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Again, I have no idea how so many books in the store slip through the cracks on this site, but here it is in 2009 and I never bothered to ramble about Teen Boat #2. Seeing as how pirates are all the news right now (the actual, terrifying kind, not the lovable Disney rogues), why not get to it? Bad things first: the pages in my copy aren't printed in the correct order. This is shocking to me because I've sold all kinds of copies of this series and it's been out for years, so you'd think that little thing would have been fixed by now. This is a continuation of #1, and in this issue Teen Boat sails out over international waters with a good chunk of his school (and the girl of his dreams) aboard, and they are quickly set upon by pirates. The students see that offering a Teen Boat in trade to the pirates would be a very useful thing indeed, but can't convince him to transform... until an evil iceberg hits him and knocks him into human form. The pirates have the same problem with the iceberg, and things get dicey from there, as Teen Boat can't seem to transform in extreme cold. Just telling the specifics leaves out all the wonderful conversations in here, like the student mistaking the meaning of the word "booty" (an obvious joke, granted, but still funny when done right) or some of the pirates falling out of character. For the three people who read this website on a regular basis and still haven't checked these comics out, I don't know how many times I have to mention this, but the only person you're hurting is yourself.


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