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It is almost completely pointless for me to review this book. There, now that I've hooked you all in with that cliffhanger, I'm free to ramble about this comic for a bit. This is, as you might have guessed, ten pieces of art. "Shitty" refers to the show at which these things were introduced to the world, as apparently it's a regular thing, although I have no idea if there were more shows after this one in 2007. Dan left his pieces art there to "find their own way around the world". Some of the detail of these pieces has been lost when they were transferred to the mini comics format, unless that was how they were originally presented. Pieces in here include (and this is with my complete knowledge that briefly describing pieces of art, however shitty, does them a disservice) the artists, black goop, a collage piece about commerce, a three part profanity series, marshmallow flowers, a self-portrait, sunflower art and an instructional collage. Hey, I'm in this comics business for the stories, so this doesn't do a whole lot for me, but it does serve as a nice contrast to the rest of Dan's comics. Check it out if you're already a fan and want to see what the man works on when he's not drawing comics.


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