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This is one of those times where a comic is a tactile experience, or at least the cover is. I really wish there was some way for you guys to feel and smell this cover. Scientists, get on it! The cover is made out of leather (or fake leather, I’m no expert) and this will remind plenty of people immediately of childhood and the wallet that your Dad always carried around. Kelli made this comic from the responses of 16 people to 3 questions: How would you describe your father, how would you describe your relationship with your father, and what’s your most outstanding memory of your father. Responses range from relatively flip to gut-wrenchingly honest, both positive and negative. I’ll be the first to admit to being prone to hyperbole with my reviews, but this is a fantastic comic about life, really, that’s not to be missed. Unless, of course, you’re one of those mythical people who has never had a single problem with your father and have no interest in people who have.


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