Watching Days Become Years #4 by Jeff LeVine

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More quiet tales of Jeff's life in issue #4, and he even gets briefly political this time around. I've also often wondered how most people in the country are able to so completely disassociate themselves from the violence that is done in our name all the freaking time. Other subjects in here include a lack of time, the value of being awake versus sleeping, a quiet day at home out of the heat, trying to get calmness from trees, the incremental nature of profit sharing at work, and one awesome punchline that I'm not going to ruin here. There's also his drawings and impressions of places and trying to be content with the little things, and as usual it's a tossup as to which is his better work. He's a master of the one page "diary" type strip, but there are also few people out there better able to document the little things about places. The inevitable conclusion, as I've been saying from the beginning on this page, is that everyone should still order all his books and give him as much money as humanly possible. I'd love it if I was able to help him, in even a tiny way, get the gift of more time.


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